About Jenny

Jenny is an award-winning playwright and emerging television writer in L.A. who always had a taste for life’s little luxuries – until she realized just how many of those “luxuries” were either tested on animals or contained animal byproducts. This discovery caused her to adopt the original concept of the word luxury itself, and return to a “road less traveled” journey in the name of beauty and fashion. Her mission is to show the world that you really can have your (vegan) cake and eat it too- with luxe products that rival the best on the market. All without harming animals and without harming ourselves via toxic chemicals that have no business being in our makeup.

Jenny believes the ultimate in luxe is compassion and is excited to share her finds with anyone who is interested in making a difference – no matter where they are in their journey. Whether you’re just starting to make compassionate choices, or you’ve been vegan and cruelty-free for years, it’s Jenny’s desire to build an inclusive community that celebrates compassionate purchasing power in the name of real change.

Now, what could be more luxurious than that?

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