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Backless Boho Blues

It’s officially spring in Los Angeles!

How do I know?  Let’s just say I’ve gone through an entire bottle of allergy pills (I am NOT one to take meds) and today was my first day out in the great outdoors in nearly a week.

To celebrate, George and I took a walk in the park – a very flower/pollen filled park. haha. I guess I’m that kid that always has to learn the hard way.

For today’s outing – and nearly 90 degree weather, I went with one of my favorite cruelty-free maxi dresses. A boho printed number – that criss crosses at the base of the neck and then opens up into a backless situation. And of course, I’m rocking Kate Spade sunnies in EVERY picture to hide allergy eyes. Tis the season haha.

paisley maxi sitting

IMG_7418 (1)

This dress I bought a couple years ago at one of my fave L.A. boutiques that has since closed down. However, here are a few similar styles that I love just as much, like this dress and this one too!

Fun story about this ring – it’s from the ’70s when my grandma bought it while on vacation in Acapulco. She gave it to me as a “play” ring in the 90s and of course, I lost it. I didn’t find it again until a few years after she died and it’s one of my favorite vintage pieces that remind me of her and her vibrant life. ring

As you’ll soon come to find out, maxi dresses are probably my number #1 getup to wear all spring and summer, so feel free to drop any links to pretty (CF and Vegan) ones in the comments below.  I’ll probably want them all! Also, I’d love to hear about any vintage pieces you own that have your heart <3









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